Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Prayer by Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö

I came across this prayer by Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö just recently and although it’s quite brief I found it very inspiring, so here is the translation. By the way, Orgyen Dorje Chang is one of the Eight Manifestations of Guru Rinpoche.

kyabné kündü orgyen dorje chang
Embodiment of all objects of refuge, Orgyen Dorjé Chang,

dak gi nying ü zeudrur shyuk né kyang
Remain on the blossoming anthers in the centre of my heart,

dü sum trulpé bakchak gyün jang né
Constantly purifying all traces of persistent patterns of delusion accumulated throughout the three times, and

rigpé ösal tokpar jingyi lob
Inspire and bless me so that I may gain stable realization of the clear light of rigpa, the very nature of my mind.

By Chökyi Lodro

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