Monday, 22 February 2010

not ordinary

The teachings demonstrate to us, and explain in vivid ways how we all have the Buddha Nature as our inherent true self.

Yet, due to habit, time and time again, we fall back to relating to the mundane aspect of ourself, which, ignorantly, we very easily accept.

Sogyal Rinpoche once said to me:

You are not an ordinary person, so why do you see yourself as that?
See yourself as I see you!

When a great being looks at any of us, I'm sure they see who we really are, and they also see who we're really not! And this is what they are constantly showing to us!

I realized today, as I was talking to my Dharma sister, Tsondru, that when I really nurture and honour my path as a monastic, the mundane, habitual view of myself naturally dissolves. It cannot find any foothold or ornaments to attach itself to when the precepts and the Buddhas guidance are taken as the framework of one's life.

So, in fact, by being a simple nun, I feel 'not ordinary', and instead, much more easily recognize and return to finding confidence in my true nature.

This was an important and subtle understanding through which I see how great the support is that the monastic precepts offer.

Sri Lankan and Nepali Bhikshunis in a flower garden in Da Lat, Vietnam

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  1. Dear Damcho Drolma,

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful reflection on the ordained life. The truth in your experiences resonates clearly for me as well.

    With gratitude and joy in this path we share,

    Damcho (the Damcho of the Dharmadatta Nuns' Community in north India whose website you visited at )