Monday, 1 February 2010

Monks are from Venus...

An unannounced guest arrived in Lerab Ling this afternoon from Venus!... (Texas). He was a Laotian monk, accompanied by another Theravada monk and three lay buddhist men who live in, or close to, a Pagoda in Montpellier.

This monk has been a Bhikshu for 36 years, and has lived in the US since 1982. He was very warm and open, and happy to meet with ordained sangha of the Vajrayana tradition. He sat contentedly in the Temple, meditating amidst the ceremonial clamor of our final practice session of the Rigdzin Düpa Drupchö. He drank some tea, took some pictures with his friends, and then eagerly told me he wishes to come back and visit again Lerab Ling in the future.

As I accompanied him to the car park, he spoke very genuinely about the benefits of being a good monastic - and I happened to film it.

My paraphrased subtitles go something like:
Practising is good. Being kind to beings and helping them is good. If we do this life time after life time, and share the Dharma with people, then that will eventually lead us to enlightenment!
A scenic stroll on a crisp, brilliant winter's day along the Lerab Ling driveway with a Laotian monk, who was offering encouragement to practitioners.

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