Sunday, 3 January 2010

Sister Water Drop

(Please also see my earlier post Master Water Drop)
Savinder Kaur Gill (Tashi Choedron), is an environmental sociologist from Malaysia and is also a Tibetan Buddhist nun. Her advocacy for environmental change to come from each individual, is like a water offering, offering one drop at a time, into our precious oceans and waterways through educating people on polution and environmental damage.

I guess this approach can be likened to facing a world covered with thorns, and so covering the soles of ones own feet. Then we can teach others to do the same, or if they are unable to make changes in their own communities, we can carry them. She challenged each of the Sakyadhita Conference delegates to make a pledge to themselves of a change that they would make in their own life or within their own community.

A number of Buddhist women agreed to stop eating meat, and, after being made aware of the cumulative destructive force of the simple plastic bag, they committed to trying to "Say no to Plastic Bags". For all of us, it's a matter of fostering more mindfulness. Along with our own inner disarmament, through the practice of meditation, then change can really happen!

Here is Sister Water Drop:


In this 7 minute clip, Savinder Kaur Gill, an environmental sociologist and nun in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition shares her concerns for the environment, and explains what she is doing to help educate others.

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  1. Do you know how I can find her paper delivered at (what I am assuming is) this conference? "Buddhist women as conservationists – environmental ethics and poverty eradication" Thank you!