Tuesday, 26 January 2010

For nuns' mum

My mum recently ventured away with me to Vietnam (see the many earlier blogs I posted about the Sakyadhita International Conference and subsequent tour). The last day of our tour, we were delighted when we hopped aboard a small boat and paddled into a lagoon surrounded by majestic limestone mountains, laden with lush flora, small temples and shrine and a number of goats.

I've tried to express to my mum how significant it was for me that she accompanied me to a gathering of Buddhist women and that we could share such moving adventures together. I think she gained a lot of insight into many elements of the Buddhist path that are meaningful for me, and whats more, when our Vietnamese hosts found out that she was the mother of a monastic, they showed great respect to her, as is their custom. So she was certainly met with warmth and appreciation in that culture - something not so common in Australia when she tells people that her daughter is a Buddhist nun living in France.

I've made this short video for my mum - as the visit to these caves in the Nimh Binh Province of Vietnam was a scenic highlight of our time together in Vietnam. These caves are the site where the second wave of Buddhism was established in Vietnam in 1BC!
Enjoy this mum! Thank you for your un-repayable kindness and ever present support. I love you so much.

A boat tour of caves near Dai Binh, Northern Vietnam

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  1. Sweet! Exquisite! Lovely! What a terrific tribute to your very special mum, Damcho!