Monday, 4 January 2010

A few more dimensions

There's only so much that I can express through a blog on the many facets of the Sakyadhita Conference (don't worry I have plenty more news to share, as I get a chance to sit down and post) But, for now, here are a number of links that I've gathered which offer some more dimensions:

1. A Vietnamese website posts some news and photos from the Sakyadita Conference for Buddhist Women in Vietnam here

2. Informative news and discussions at the blogsite of Ven. Sujato from Santi Forest Monastery, Australia:
  • The Sakyadhita Conference here
  • Discussions on the the recent episodes around Thich Nhat Hanh's monastics in Vietnam at Bhat Na Monastery (whom are being granted asylum in France)... (in response to a note by Ven. Sujato, it is true that this Sakyadhita Conference had a subtle air of being a showpiece for the Government, especially when the Nationalistic ceremonies took place on the opening and closing days, as well as through the professional cultural performances on some evenings, which included a spectacular piece of theatre based on the story of the Buddha's life and Mahaprajapati (think Bollywood meets Jesus Christ Superstar from Broadway, on a small stage);
  • Bhikshuni ordination, and especially the recent Theravada Bhikshuni Ordinations that took place in Perth, Australia. And the transcript of WWP's expulsion of Ajahn Brahm.
3. From the Buddha Channel, reflections on the Sakyadhita Conference in the form of an interview with the President of Sakyadhita, Ven. Karma Lekshe Tsomo here

4. Some more photos posted on Buddha Channel here

5. A Vietnamese news site report in English titled "Buddhist women discuss role in tackling global problems" here

6. And, for a wealth of photos from the conference look at the Sakyadhita Website Photo album here

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