Saturday, 2 January 2010

Delhi Belly amongst sisters

Some of the international delegates at the Sakyadhita Conference in Ho Chi Minh City line up for a group photo (leaves from the Temple's Boddhi tree visible in the top of the picture). Day 6

'Delhi Belly' strikes in Saigon, so no favourable conditions tonight for editing some video.

Just briefly then, today was the 6th day of the Sakyadhita International Conference for Buddhist Women, and the papers and workshops held today were just as broad, educational and enriching as the previous days. I wish to write on the exceptionally dedicated and foresighted nuns of my generation, but given my condition, I'll save that for another day...

Oh, I will mention that I interviewed a nun from Malaysia today, who is here with a Bhutanese nun. (They are also exceptional nuns, devoting their time to Environmental education and animal welfare) They were delighted to hear that Sogyal Rinpoche is my teacher as it is his book, the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying which was their first introduction to the Dharma. They continually buy copies to give to their friends.

News of their work will come soon through this blog.

Now, back to the.... (hopefully we'll all be fresh for tomorrow, the closing day of the 11th Sakyadhita Conference)

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  1. It has been very fortunate to be able to be part of your experience in Vietnam, thank you for sharing, and hope you feel better soon, you are doing a great job!